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Its extermly early and I didn’t even go to boot camp today. Chlo is my alarm clock bu we didn’t get up. Yesterday we took a nap and we didn’t get up. I’ve really got to push myself now that I am quite comfortable. I need to find my own little niche. I spend most of my time with her. Not that it is a bad thing, it is just restricting. This has happened before; me getting comfortable with just ONE friend. I need to go on some of the adventure that the Probo has planned. It seems tho as if all of the GEMS are stuck wit those we met this summer. Or atleast to me. I just know that I see them together alot.

By the way, my breakfast today is yogurt. Yep! Yogurt! I’m in boot camp now and my diet is very restricted. Yesterday though I gave in to my sins and had some icecream. Yea, I know bad girl, but in my defence I was told to eat soft cold foods like icecream. Why, you might ask well I got my tounge pierced! And this lil fuxer hurts so bad! But aye I’m kinda stuck with it now.

I want to get a tattoo also but I have to save my money. If all goes well me and Chlo wil take a gaycation to Orlando. I really want to go to universal Studios. The trip will cost somewhere around 300. So I have to put alot of restrictions on what I can and can not buy. I am super excited about it though. The first thing I MUST buy though is an alarm clock. I am currently NOT on my -ish when it comes to my school work.

Well, I have to go now. I need to finish this “yummy” yogurt and then bathe and then off to the library I go

-Toodles MKAY<3

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